Head Teacher (1st Grade-4th Grade)
Bank Street College of Education

New York, New York

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This job has expired.

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Head Teacher (1st Grade-4th Grade)

4th to 8th Grade Start Date: September 1, 2024 5 Days / Week Salary: 60K-115K


  • A Masters degree in education preferred
  • Deep knowledge of, commitment to, and experience with progressive education and schooling
  • Extensive teaching experience at the elementary level
  • Demonstrated personal and professional commitment to diversity, social justice, and equity
  • Strong written and oral communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills
  • Knowledge in delivering strategy-based literacy and math instruction
  • Skilled in designing instruction that is data-driven, differentiated, and actively engaging
  • Experience leading morning meetings, such as those outlined by the Responsive Classroom
  • Experience in developing hands-on, developmentally appropriate social studies curricula
  • Initiative, creativity, flexibility, and collaboration
  • Warmth, humor, flexibility, and optimism
Position Summary:

The School for Children is seeking a passionate teacher who will be responsible for curriculum development, instruction, assessment, parent engagement and communication, professional collaboration, and promoting a positive school culture.


Head teachers plan and teach lessons in all subject areas (math, language arts, social studies, science). In grades PreK-4th grade, headteachers are paired with an associate teacher and offer mentoring for their growth. Head teachers communicate routinely with families, collaborate with other teachers, and are responsible for developing a healthy, engaging, and joyful classroom culture.
  • Work with Children: The classroom teacher is responsible for teaching children in all subject areas, planning to meet the needs of the entire group as well as individual children. Enabling the social/emotional, physical, and intellectual development of each child is his/her primary responsibility.
  • Work with Environment and Materials: The teacher is responsible for designing, organizing, and maintaining a materials-based classroom that reflects the curriculum and current work of the children. Create and prepare materials that serve the curriculum. The teacher should be able to use various forms of technology to enhance student learning.
  • Curriculum Development: The teacher is responsible for developing curriculum in all areas based on children's developmental capacities and needs and current understanding of literacy learning, mathematics, and interdisciplinary curriculum development in social studies, science, and the arts. Cultural competency must be reflected in the curriculum developed for children. Special emphasis is placed on social studies as the core of classroom life and learning.
  • Work with Adults:
    • Associate Teachers and Student Teachers: As cooperating practitioners for graduate students who are placed in their classrooms, teachers plan cooperatively with students and hold weekly supervisory meetings. Teachers meet with the student and the advisor from Graduate Programs three times per semester.
    • Staff: An interest in his/her/their own professional growth is expected. Each teacher meets often with their curriculum coordinator and participates in weekly age-group meetings and weekly staff meetings after school. Teachers also collaborate with subject area specialists (art, music, library, shop, P.E./movement, Spanish) to design and implement the curriculum. As part of a diagnostic team, teachers work with learning specialists, and a school psychologist, and meet with parents, tutors, and therapists.
    • Parents: Teachers are required to meet with parents twice yearly for individual conferences and to be available for additional conferences where needed. Teachers write two comprehensive reports on children each year and weekly summaries of student learning experiences. Teachers and parents work together to increase each other's knowledge of the children.
    • Visitors: In addition to modeling a Bank Street approach to education by having daily visitors and observers in the classroom, teachers may be asked to speak to visiting groups. They often serve as consultants for other College Divisions as well as for outside groups.
    • College: Many teachers take responsibility for College-wide committee work and divisional and institutional program development and evaluation.


Bank Street is a leader in education, a pioneer in improving the quality of classroom practice, and a national advocate for children and their families.

Since its beginnings in 1916, Bank Street has been at the forefront of understanding how children learn and grow. From early childhood centers and schools to hospitals and museums, Bank Street has built a national reputation on the simple fact that our graduates know how to do the work that is right for children.

At Bank Street's Graduate School of Education, students are trained in a model that combines the study of human development, learning theory, and sustained clinical placement to promote significant development as a teacher prior to graduation. Our children's programs-Bank Street School for Children, Family Center, Bank Street Head Start, and Liberty LEADS-foster children's development in the broadest sense by providing diverse opportunities for social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth. The Bank Street Education Center disrupts inequity through system-level change to help design better educational experiences for both children and adults. The College further supports and influences positive outcomes for children every day through professional development programs, research projects, and other key efforts engaging educators, intermediary organizations, and government officials at the district, state, and federal levels.

This job has expired.

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